Wellness Exams

Veterinary care isn’t only for sick pets. Annual wellness exams ensure your pet’s overall health, establish a baseline for future reference, and provide an opportunity for early disease detection. Your pet’s yearly visit includes a comprehensive physical assessment of all body systems, a review of their behavior, diet, and exercise, and preventive services such as vaccinations against infectious diseases, heartworm and intestinal parasite screening tests, and blood work. We will also recommend year-round parasite preventives to keep your pet safe from parasites and the diseases they can transmit.

Through this combination of preventive care and early detection, we can minimize your pet’s risk for unnecessary suffering and illness, and add years to their life. 


Your pet’s dental health has a direct impact on their overall health and longevity. Without proper care, pets can suffer from periodontal disease (i.e., dental disease)—a painful and debilitating condition that causes inflammation, infection, and devastating tooth and bone decay. Because early periodontal disease exists only below the gumline , routine dental care—including annual exams, dental cleaning under anesthesia, and dental x-rays—is essential for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

No matter your pet’s age or dental health status, our comprehensive dentistry services— combined with an approved home care plan—can preserve or restore your pet’s oral health. 

Sick Pet Visits

Everyone can have a bad day—including pets. And when your pet doesn’t feel well, it hurts us, too. Portside Veterinary Hospital provides top-notch veterinary care for every illness, injury, and irritation. Unlike annual wellness exams that are geared toward disease prevention, non-well visits are focused on identifying and treating your pet’s current condition. 

Every sick pet visit begins with a comprehensive physical examination, followed by specific recommendations for additional testing (e.g., lab tests, X-rays, or ultrasound) to aid in your pet’s diagnosis, and a custom treatment plan to help get your pet on the road to recovery. If your pet requires hospitalization for treatment and monitoring, our skilled team will care for them as their own, and provide you frequent updates about their condition.